About TeeToCup!

A short video explaining the history and the customer journey when signing up to TeeToCup:


At TeeToCup we coach you how to learn! The reason most people don't get better at golf is because of 3 reasons:

1. They do not remember what they have been taught. 

There is a well-know 'Forgetting Curve' which shows how we lose up to 40% of what we have just learned immediately after the session and up to 90% of it within a week without any deliberate practise.

At TeeToCup we beat this by documenting and archiving everything, what you have been taught has photos, videos and all are organised in clear sections and available with one click on your phone wherever or whenever you require it!


2. They get Overloaded with too much Information.

Coaches are keen to throw their knowledge onto a pupil and in many ways this is a good thing, the more you study and learn about the game the better player you will become. We call this the DISCOVER stage, however, critically we DISTILL this to your KEY POINTS! You know to get better at a particular Stroke you need to do X, Y and Z and how you do this is made clear with photos and videos.


3. They do not Practise the right things or do not Practise enough!

We understand that in the modern world finding time to improve your golf is difficult. That is why we will provide you with 'Home/Office/Garden' exercises which you can do in minutes which will improve the key points you need to work on. 

Secondly, we make sure you Practise correctly. Practice Drills/Exercises will be made clear for you to do which will work on the Key Points which have been identified you need to improve on. These will be measurable so you know you do them correctly without the worry of working on the wrong things.


If you are able to work on your game with the 3 Key's discussed above then you will improve Stroke by Stroke. And remember, with TeeToCup you can ask your TeeToCup Coach a question anytime over the 4 week period to ensure a thorough learning has taken place.

www.teetocup.golf to sign up and start improving your golf today!