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  • Our professional golf coaches are PGA certified Professional Coaches
  • We provide custom one-to-one golf coaching One To One Coaching
  • Connect to our unique online course from anywhere Connect From Anywhere
  • Our courses are tailored specifically to you Personalised Programme
  • Our course structure is tried and tested Proven Results
  • Keep track of your progress and development Progress Tracking
  • Join our vibrant online community Active Online Community

A Revolutionary Approach

Our course is built on experience gained through years spent coaching professional and amateur athletes to the highest levels.

We will help you master the Seven Strokes of Golf – an approach designed to equip you with a rounded and complete skill set.

As well as using a tried and tested structure, our course is customised for you: we will study videos of your play and give specific, custom advice and guidance. This is the same technique Dan uses to coach world-class golf professionals.

It doesn’t end there. You can also remain part of our vibrant and friendly online community, where you can continue to share and learn with other like-minded golfers.

The game distilled: Seven Strokes of Golf

The 7 Strokes

An Introduction

We've broken the game down into seven distinct Strokes. Here's an overview...

Full Swing

Woods / Hybrids / Irons

Having great basics and leveraging them with improved swing technique will help you to hit more fairways and get that approach shot closer!

You will develop a Pre Shot routine designed to give you perfect basics taylored to you.

You will also learn how to shape the ball to control curve and flight. 


30-100 yards

It isn't a chip, it isn’t a full shot, this is the awkward pitch shot which many golfers really struggle with.

You will learn specialist a Pitching technique which will give you distance control by controlling your ball flight and speed by altering your set-up. 

Chip & Run


Learn how to play the basic chip & run shot which every golfer usually requires several times a round.

Understand the all important set-up, key points and checkpoints in the swing along with mastering the strategy of club selection.

Soft Landing


Hit that shot that lands softly on its first bounce and then gently runs towards the hole – and learn how to advance this shot into the High Lob!

Understanding and being able to execute this shot will allow you to get up and down from those short sided situations we all face.

High Lob


For when you need that parachute shot that stops dead when playing over a bunker!

A spectacular shot that isn’t too difficult when you know how!

You will crucially learn how to adapt your set up for different lies to play this shot.



Master the greenside bunker splash shot, understand how the "bounce" of the club works and how the set-up is key to being a great bunker player.

You will also learn how to "rate" the lie and apply the bounce differently depending on the lie. In addition, we will cover playing from buried lies, slopes and different length bunker shots.


On The Green

The quickest way to shave shots off your score is to hole more putts!

We will cover the key fundamentals of putting, what all the “Putting Greats” over the years have done and provide you with dozens of practice exercises to work on the fundamentals you learn.

  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Putting

Our Training Approach

This is where pupils not only DISCOVER but capture the knowledge and information about each of the Seven Strokes.

Pupils will continue to study and learn everything there is to know about each stroke.

We will DISTILL your knowledge into a number of Key Points that are relevant to you.

Understanding and improving each of your Key Points is critical to improving your stroke.

This is where you DO it! Developng ways to practice, learn and perform each Key Point forming the entire stroke.

We use totally unique ways to learn the Key Points, including custom graphics and sound to enhance your learning.

I never lose. I either win or learn.

Sir Clive Woodward

How Does The Course Work?

Our course is structured over 5 simple steps:

Access to TeeToCup

First off, you’ll be invited to join TeeToCup, meet your coach and get access to your software. This is where you'll begin your journey to improve your game.

Player Assessment

Next, we’ll help you to complete an online assessment designed to identify your strengths and areas for potential development. you will receive instructions how to video your swing.

Player Report & Training Plan

We'll produce an initial report and custom training plan designed to answer your specific needs and goals.

Custom Coaching

Throughout the course, we’ll ask you to send us videos of you working on your prescribed practises. you will work with your coach for a month to make sure you understand and own your basics and swing. 

Stay With Us!

Once you've completed the course, you will have access to your group forever. you’re also still a member of our community and There are plenty of other opportunities to improve your game.


Great detail. I had a couple of lessons a long time ago and the content didn't even compare. The fine critical details - you could explain in a simple way supported with videos and pictures was a massive help.

Jason Todd H'Cap 21, UK

I am playing the best golf of my life using the Tee to Cup software! By breaking the game down into 7 distinct Strokes and then studying them and learning the key points that relate to you is absolutely key for any golfer to improve

Sir Clive Woodward

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a range of pricing options and different ways to pay. Prices start from £100 focussing on a specific stroke or technique.

Or sign-up for the full course right now and save £100.

6 x TaylorMade Golf Balls for all Stroke Purchases.

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